SoundCloud has birthed hundred upon thousands of musicians careers by launching them from being virtually unknown to legends of the underground scene in a matter of weeks. NYNE is a prime example of this with her originally gaining notoriety through her slick production talents and addictive vocal hooks whilst simultaneously becoming one of the hottest prospects to come out of Australia in 2015 and her momentum hasn’t stopped since then. She’s continued to thrive this year as well as she’s been releasing a string of singles in the build up to her debut EP Season One with another one being added to the list today.

Her passionate vocal performance mixed with her fiery passion and fierce delivery makes Vice City a must listen for any music head out there. The production lands somewhere in the realms of The Weeknd with the sultry 80’s influenced brand of R&B combined with the undeniable flair Rihanna consistently injects into her sound. She’s fearless throughout the piece with dauntless sound enthralling anyone who listens as her spirited vocals and dynamic soundscape pulls you into her world and makes you desperate to learn about the different world’s NYNE has created. Dive in below.