After a year long break our ears are finally blessed once again with the awe-inspiring sound of the Polish visionary ÒLAH BLISS. Her magnetic performances along with her key eye for detail within her sonic world has lead to her garnering a cult like fanbase who’ve fallen for her music like Jack did for Rose. However the one thing I adore about her music more than anything is the questions it leaves you contemplating. As each track finishes playing you’ll see thoughts run through your mind with the speed of Usain Bolt, ruminative in our headspace we ask ourselves things we never did before and garner a greater understanding of ourselves in the process. That is what makes ÒLAH BLISS a stellar musician and her return is more than welcomed.

Today’s question she’s asking, would you rather be remembered as a savage who had nothing to lose or die a legend with a legacy that will keep on living? We’re all gonna die and Death Wish (Hate Me) makes that evidently clear, but it swiftly comes in to tell you that what’s worse than that is living like you’re already dead inside. We need to experience life for all its unadulterated highs and painful lows, ignore past pain others have caused you, forgive and move on with life and, most important of all, come face to face with your own demons. Her forthright lyrics are some of her best to date, her voice is sonic dynamite in the best way imaginable and the message is something that will hit people harder than a semi-truck. Include visuals that are up there with some of the heavy hitters in the game and you’ve got a comeback and a half.