Oliver Keane announces himself today with a debut that shows us his knack at writing immediately impactful music that comes from tapping into his deepest heartache and turning it into a natural cathartic process that will leave you reaching for the tissues. The Derby born, but now London based, musician’s debut single in the morning serenades us with his heartbreak, tenderly showcasing his earnest vocal with his raw tone evocatively making his lyrics feel like they’ve come straight out of his journal. Spinning a vivid tale about the aftermath of a relationship and wanting nothing more than to see them again and relive the moments you once experienced together, even though you know they’ll be gone in the morning. His longing for this love is expressed artfully through his poetic lyrics, finding that sweet spot that sets the emotionally evocative scene before growing into a spellbinding moment of cathartic release, making the pain disappear before your very eyes. Radiating a welcoming atmosphere, he invites you into his world to find solace in your heartbreak, hoping you can heal together.

At just 18 years of age, Oliver Keane is demonstrating to everyone what he’s here to do. His mission statement, to make a genuine connection with people through his heartfelt melodies, is met with resounding applause. His intricate alt pop soundscape with a singer songwriter undertone is beautiful, he truly feels like an artist who could become jewel in the UK’s rising alt pop music scene.

“I’ve probably written something in my notes or made a voice note every single day for the past six years. We’re talking about thousands of songs. I can’t remember the last time I went without making music, or having some form of an idea just sitting in the back of a train, singing to myself like a weirdo…”