Following the announcement of a deluxe version of his debut album Ivory (Marfil), Omar Apollo wastes no time in reminding us why he’s got a fiercely loyal cult fanbase with the release of Highlight. His smooth, mellow vocal glides across the laidback soundscape, comprised of spaced out beats and lusciously toned guitar plucking patterns, creating a compelling relaxed vibe that lets the troubles melt away. He flows with effortless precision between English and Spanish in this bilingual affair, you almost don’t notice it because of how smooth the transition is, that is until you realise you can’t understand the words he’s crooning. However, the highlight for me has to be that hook. Ever since my ears were blessed with it’s insatiable nature I’ve had the irresistible temptation to belt it our wherever I may go.

A true treat for the ears and on top of that Apollo has announced a new North America tour for this deluxe album too! Be sure to catch him because, as I’m sure you can tell, his music is a marvel to behold.