If you were around in the early 2010’s then you certainly knew about Passion Pit and the everlasting impact they had on the indie pop landscape. Before them no one was taking the genre in this direction, once Take A Walk blew up in the indie scene and soon found itself on the iconic FIFA 14 soundtrack countless bands began to do their own rendition of their sound. Without even knowing it, they helped shape the indie pop soundscape of this era, and for anyone who was around during this time Passion Pit will always have a special place in our heart.

This is where the big news comes in because they recently announced a belated 10th anniversary edition of his 2012 album Gossamer, the album that started it all. There will be reworked songs, but also some songs that didn’t make the cut to get onto the album are now being recorded for this new endeavour. Our first introduction to this is American Blood… After one listen I feel like I’m back in 2012 all over again.

This single is classic Passion Pit through and through. Infectious melodies, soaring high pitched vocals, bittersweet lyrics over a buoyant production, massive choruses that make you want to run head first through a wall, all cumulating together in, well, gossamer fashion. This is going to be a great revisit of what is a monumental album.