What’s more fitting for the upcoming Spring than a jazzy instrumental track influenced by Brazilian funk! Producer Paul Grant is fresh off his album release “Sketches” in 2022 and preparing to release his EP “Forward”. Our first glimpse into “Forward” is single “Rivers” produced by both Paul and Grammy winning Chris Keys. The two have come together in order to meld this sunshine essential into the vibrant and nostalgic track that it is. 

My favourite time to put on a chill instrumental tune is when I’m studying or getting work done, but this piece right here makes me want to get outside! You can hear the brilliant nature of the music, it’s instantly uplifting, and creates a dreamlike aura. The music is cinematic it’s the background to a main character moment when everything falls into place and you’re on a high of things going your way. You can put this on your picnic, park, or productive playlist! 

Diving into the musical aspects we’re hearing many orchestral elements and keyboards that Chris Keys brought to the piece, with influence from classic 70’s Brazilian music. Paul Grant is most prominent in the Jazz and Hip-Hop scene which you can hear in this track, this edge is where the energy comes from. The little sonic features that appear all throughout the music literally make you feel like you can hear the gleaming of sunrays. 

I am always of a fan well curated instrumental pieces, sometimes it’s nice to let the production breathe and enjoy the music. Paul Grant has an excellent catalog available on streaming platforms, if you enjoy melodic jazzy beats with a range of influences from other genre’s I promise you’ll find something that suits you. Definitely explore the rest of Paul’s tracks, but start here with “Rivers”, and play it on a nice day if you can!