Colorado has an underrated rap game. The underground scene features some stellar talent who’ve been flying under the radar for way too long. We’ve been waiting for the next big rapper to emerge from this state to set the world alight and it looks like we’re getting it with the debut from the Aurora native PDAE. This artist wastes no time introducing himself in Arsonist (Run It) with a fiery lyrical display that could turn a campfire into a scorching forest fire the decimates anything in its path. He doesn’t stop there though, oh no, this musician continues to showcase his vibrant hip-hop laced with introspective lyrics throughout, never stopping to give us time to breath and instead unleashing his prominent lyrical prowess in rapid fire fashion. The booming beats add to this further, reverberating through your body that makes it perfect for any car ride, especially during late night ventures to a party that you know is going to turn into a rager.

The definition of Arsonist is; a person who intentionally starts a fire in order to damage or destroy something. PDAE does start a fire with this track but doesn’t damage anything, instead he makes a statement where he announces his flavoursome lyrical penmanship and mission to the world.