Following “Almighty, Victorious” and “God Will Be My Peace,” classical and folk musician Peg Luke drops a new song, called “I Am Home, Lord.” Regarded as one of the most talented composers of her generation, the Emmy and Grammy nominated singer-songwriter, evokes peace and love with her new track; inspired by the refugees around the globe.

Produced by Neal Merrick Blackwood, “I Am Home, Lord” is one of Peg Luke’s personal favorites. She says: “It is dedicated to all the refugees and homeless throughout our world. It is also dedicated to all the service members that are upholding our freedom throughout the world.”

“The tune really encompasses the fact that we are truly “home” with God wherever we may be. All we have to do is to reach out,” explains Peg Luke, who gives an incredible vocal performance on the track. Her husband Jack is on the clarinet, while a string ensemble plays the piano, drums, and bass. “It is a really gorgeous piece, laid back, but still intense,” admits the artist.

Luke expresses her thoughts about the current tragedies and sings: “War is all around me/ I don’t know what to do/ People killing people/ Where is the truth?/ But I just keep travel’n/ I’m tired and cold/ Where can I find love and security…/ Then I remember/ I am home, Lord I am home/ When I call Your name, I am home/ When I feel your presence near me, I am home.”

Speaking of her collaboration with Blackwood, Luke reveals: “It is always incredible working with Neal.  I think we feed off each other really well. I think in a very strange way we create a kind of magic that only two people that have a lot of experience in their craft can do.  I am always thrilled to see what we’re going to come up with next!”

Peg Luke continues to work with Neal Merrick Blackwood, following “I Am Home, Lord.” She is currently preparing a new Christmas project with the producer, which is rumored to come out in November.

Listen to “I Am Home, Lord” on Spotify: