Functioning as a love anthem for the socially awkward and people who often struggle to let their guard down during the early stages of a relationship, Pepper Lewis’s debut is a relatable pop anthem that is as honest as it comes. Never having anyone to give her advice on how to date, she cautiously wades through the array of questions that come her way, putting up walls to protect herself from pain before ultimately realising she needs to tear them down to let this person in. Going from tearing that person apart throughout the date, all until she drives home and listens to their playlist, leading to a beautiful moment that could’ve come straight out of a Rom Com starring Hugh Grant. Planetarium manages to capture the small mess ups we all experience on first dates that make this track so authentically sweet, be it the timid small talk, jokes that don’t land and slow dances that result in countless broken toes from heels crushing them. Filled with personality, her vocal bounces across the funk influenced production as she croons a lovelorn chorus that perfectly represents many of our slightly embarrassing love life tendencies.

Resilient as ever, the 21 year old songstress fought to get her foot into the industry door and has unveiled a pop debut that many would be proud of. She’s as real as they come, spilling her guts to us through her sonic musings and it doesn’t stop there. Her personality shines through everything that she does, from her social media all the way to her Spotify bio which is one of the best I’ve read in a long time. Prepare to see this New York born and now L.A based artist is ready to blow up.