During the late 2010’s the singer songwriter style of music largely went under the radar. However since lockdown has finished and the world has reopened, there’s been a grand resurgence within the genre with countless new guitar driven songwriters emerging into the spotlight. Penning heartfelt ballads that soundtrack our late night crying sessions, and crafting introspective lyrics that tug at our heartstrings, it’s been a joy to see it return.

Peter Groppe is one of these artists, with the musician using his surroundings in NYC to form his meditative musings. Whether it be a local rose garden, the terminal at JFK or the local bodega, he was never short for inspiration in the hustle of NYC. He soon began to explore the creative world within the city, becoming the lead guitarist in NONEWFRIENDS, getting writing credits for Buffchick, guitarist for Shallow Alcove and more. It’s his solo music that truly shines however.

Should Be requires no bells and whistles, just Groppe’s passionate vocal performance as he weaves together haunting narrative with minimalistic backing. Confronting feelings aimlessness and confusion when separated from the ones we love, there’s a bleak aura surrounding the track that reflects these feelings. Going through life with a question of why these queries arise in the process. However, through a lush array of warm synths and his heartbreakingly tender voice, a sweet sincerity blossoms through and makes these feelings become a little less powerful. Showing there is light within darkness.