Hailing from Germany, rock band and duo Poppymoon recently announced their new single release titled “Wanna Play That Game?”
The band gets sonically inspired by the 80-90’s pop and rock genres. Taking a sound nostalgic for another era, their music brims with a vibe that takes the regular and gives it their own out-and-outer spin. The band sounds bigger and better while they are utilizing a full sound by accompanying dual vocals into their songs. What comes across is a fully implemented sonically incredibly well built, played, sung, and produced, radio-ready sound. Overall, this is a brilliant production, a confident, charismatic, too cool record from Poppymoon and it surely does delight those looking for something different to listen to in this world of mainstream music.
Besides, we are thrilled to make a statement that there is more to expect from this spectacular band on the 30th of October according to their Instagram post.