If you’ve had your finger on the pulse of Ireland’s music scene over the past few years, you’ll of seen how it’s currently going through a golden age as far as the underground scene is concerned. The country is hustling and bustling with a thriving ecosystem of creative talent, all putting their stamp on the scene and diversifying the soundscape that we’ve come to expect from the country. It’s a cliché but it truly is a breath of fresh Éire.

One young artist who’s a testament to this is the supernova talent Archy Moor who’s returned after a two year hiatus, courtesy of the infamous lockdown. He’s already become renowned for his storytelling, with his naturally smooth flow artfully guiding us through the trials and tribulations he finds himself going through. One deep dive into his short but sweet discography will take you on a journey that’s filled with scintillating highs and tragic lows, making you experience the whole spectrum of human emotion. He’s a thriving artist and it’s why we’re over the moon to premiere his comeback single Beautiful.

Two years have gone by since his last drop but it hasn’t effected Moor’s talent in the slightest, in fact I’d say the experience has made him stronger. He becomes a open book, letting you peak behind the curtain to view the inner workings of his mind through his unfiltered, diaristic lyrics that pack a Mike Tyson level punch. It’s a complex discussion of his career so far, not masquerading any minor detail as some glorious reckoning but instead expressing bravely how painful it was. He takes the good with the bad and embraces the man he’s become today. He’s a distinct artist who’s entered a brave new era where he’s unashamedly being honest, true and expressive as he can be. Beautiful by name, beautiful by nature. Archy Moor’s music is a sensational experience.

“It’s definitely the start of a more mature chapter musically for myself, for the last year it’s been nonstop growth, learning and relearning things I thought I knew about myself, so I’m buzzing to finally be able to put our work out there!”.