Ever had one of those parties that went to hell in a matter of seconds and your night goes from a euphoria induced fever dream, to a nightmarish hellscape you with no exit in sight and all you want to do is leave you a shaped hole in the wall Wile E Coyote style. Well Natasha Hunt Lee had this experience one fateful night where she was writhing in this personal hell, no matter what others tried to do to ease the situation of her freak out, but she’s now managed to turn that turbulent experience into a pop anthem you’ll be screaming from the rooftops. It’s Hell in Here Tonight is as off-kilter as the night in question, with a string of booming guitars referencing the chaotic affair her mind was going through with the drums of her pulse beating through the intoxicating melodies. All whilst her vocal charismatically expresses her grievances through the expressive lyrical display that me and countless others will be singing from the rooftops. It’s hell in here tonight but this song will make you feel like you’re entering a heavenly landscape.

Then you’ve got the music video, a beautifully shot, cinematic affair where we see Hunt Lee’s imminent breakdown in a colourful set of scenes that Wes Anderson would be jealous of. Combine that with her superb facial expressions and a unique set of characters throughout the aesthetic wonderland and you’ve got a charming, yet punchy, track to play throughout any of your future breakdowns.