Pro Era’s Nyck Caution shares his entertaining official video for ‘How You Live It’ featuring Joey Badass. The pair has always done great music and videos together, and this is nothing short. In this video, directed by Fakedell, Nyck Caution and Joey Badass play real estate agents at their company, Famiglia. After placing the ‘For Sale’ sign outside, the video follows Nyck Caution as does a few showings of a lavish mansion to interested buyers. Joey Badass is running things back at the headquarters, where he is enjoying a cigar, counting up the money and celebrating their collective success.

Joey Badass makes a call to Nyck Caution, that leads to a plot twist to end the video. Next, a skit follows with credits. Not to be overlooked by their visual creativity, is the skillful display of rapping, as both artists tear through their verses with a radiating confidence. It’s refreshing to hear some new music from Nyck Caution, and I hope there is more on the way.