Whenever producer Mark Siegel agrees to represent new artists, it is not hard to predict future success. The most popular Nashville New-Jersey-Hackettstown-born mastermind producer, also known to be one of the best in LA, recently represented two new releases; “Luckiest” with Jackie Castro, and “Hold Me Down” with Jacob Whitesides. Both releases are unique and vivid on their own, but Siegel’s signature sound production and devotion to the art he crafts along with his proteges are always evident. 

Mark Siegel is the ideal mentor for the artists he works with, and the two new releases are proof of it. He does not approach production as a business only. The process is creative for him. Still, Mark has an absolute business-oriented side of his mind too. Thus, along with the artist, they were able to find the perfect solutions for “Luckiest” and “Hold Me Down. ” 

Mark started working with Jackie Castro on “Luckiest” two years ago. The dedicated and detailed work helped them find the perfect fit production for it only recently, proving Siege’s professionalism and perfectionist nature. 

“Hold Me Down” came to life thanks to the bond Mark and the artist Jacob Whitesides share. They have worked together previously, and the trust and chemistry they have built undoubtedly play on behalf of the new song they’ve created. 

Give a chance to both tracks and follow how they perform in the pop dome becoming the anthems they are made to be.