Tales from the Hood.

You can keep the fam; I just want the glory.

On Christmas Day, a Queensbridge-bred rapper named Piif Jones released the official video for his record ‘Glory’ featuring fellow Queens artist Dave East. Over the production, from a podium in a local venue (Center of Hope International in Long Island City), the skilled lyricist delivers a heartfelt performance about the superheroes in the hood, how others tend to rob and rape us of our culture, and wanting to do his best to provide for his daughter. He also reveals that his peers didn’t respect his pen, meaning his previous verses weren’t up to par, so he stepped his bars up. If you’ve ever been to Queensbridge or you have spent a substantial amount of time in a New York City ‘hood, you understand how authentic this is—from the gentleman working out on the gate to the terms of endearment shared. Check out the Brittney Brand-directed visual below.