When you get jointly signed to Pete Wentz of Fallout Boys record label and Fuelled by Ramen, you know you’re doing something right as a pop punk artist. Few can say they’ve been given that opportunity, but Quinton Griggs is taking this chance with both hands and making sure he doesn’t miss a beat. He’s gradually built up a passionate fanbase who’ve become infatuated with his sound, capturing teenage angst in a bottle and unleashing it with his powerhouse performances talent along with his unbridled charisma. He’s doing all he can to make his dream a reality with the world at his fingertips, and his latest drop is going to help him get there.

Already a firm fan favourite at his gigs, with many concert-goers already having the lyrics memorised before it even dropped, Anything Goes is an ode to reckless teenage abandonment and feeling unstoppable no matter what you do or how often you fail. The whole track can be summed up with the lyric, “Anything goes when you’re young.” Disobedient guitar riffs refuse to be contained whilst booming drum beats reverberate through your body, topping it off with Griggs charismatic voice putting a smile on your voice as he belts outs the intoxicatingly addictive chorus. Hop onto Quinton Griggs before the hype train leaves the station!