Leyton’s very own rapper RAPTUM has come out of the gates swinging with a scorching hot single that sees him unleash his pent up frustrations about the world around him that he endures everyday. Polemics is a defining moment for this artist, coming back after an almost year long hiatus to deliver a ferocious number filled with fervent lyrics that lights a fire within you unlike any other London based rapper around right now. His ice cold flow mixed with the minimalistic production of spaced out grime influenced beats allows his refreshingly raw, unfiltered lyrics to become the centre piece of the track. He pulls you head first into what goes on within the four walls of his mind, seeing the world from his point of view as the power of his voice brings these visions to life in awe-inspiring fashion. You feel his anger through his evocative performance, the passion is felt through the expressive lyrics and you get sucked in through that simple yet effective production. As comeback singles go, you don’t get much better than this.

This emcee is on the rise, giving Leyton their own rap supernova in the making who’s ready to create seismic movements within this game. Every beat, every word, every moment is crafted to pure perfection and shows how he’s a rapper you need to keep a close eye on in the UK’s thriving rap scene.