Long-awaited genre-bending Ray Laurél uncaged his inaugural E.P. this past week, and I have not stopped listening since. Formerly mentioned on A1234 with the release of HUNTER SCHAFER, Laurél has overwhelmed his listeners with additional sensorial jams that embody his musical feel. If this is your first time hearing the name, Ray Laurél is a young singer, songwriter, and producer, who is undoubtedly the best artist on the rise at the moment. The name of this project is, MANIC PIXIE DREAM BOY and along with previously released songs, Laurél included two unreleased songs, JOHNNY and UNCONDITIONAL. This E.P. exudes an amount of confidence that is infrequent for an artist on the rise. A strain of confidence that only comes from an artist who has a deep discernment of the impact they want their music to make on their listeners.

If you have yet to give Ray Laurél a listen, I encourage you to take a deep breath and explore the creative soundscape Laurél introduces the world to in MANIC PIXIE DREAM BOY. With such contrast between his multitude of sounds, from Unconditional to Manic Pixie Dream Boy, Laurél executes all of it flawlessly. This triple threat is at the birthplace of his career, and I am excited to watch his rightful emergence in the music industry. For our London readers, Ray Laurél is performing his first debut headlining show on September 11th, with more information on his socials.