Today I have the pleasure of introducing a brand new face to A1234, RC AVENUE. The 17-year-old Filipino-American artist creates his music out of a bedroom in Monterey, California. RC uses a colorful blend of indie and alternative pop to tell his own coming-of-age stories, often delving into the intricacies of both love and deception. Whilst balancing high school, the artist has been able to establish a unique sound with only seven tracks released to date. Every single record seems to be an evolution to the last, as proven by his latest work VOICEMAILS.

Produced by RC AVENUE himself, the song is an introspective anthem that tells the tale of issues with communication in his previous relationship. While all of RC’s catalog feels like an invitation for you to look back on your past, this song especially brings you into that headspace. The production remains simple while the artists’ energetic tone takes you away. The beauty of this song lies in the vulnerabilities that RC AVENUE shares. He lays it all on the table, admitting to his own mistakes while also acknowledging the false promises of another. As of late, the infectious hook can’t seem to get out of my head. How does one deliver such a sad message in such a fun way? Seems that’s a question only he can answer.