A storytelling masterclass, that is what Red Leather’s debut single is. One listen to ONLY TIME IT RAINS IN HOLLYWOOD and you’ll become completely enamoured by his raw passionate vocal that leaves us reeling from the emotional devastation it brings, along with his intimate song structure that invites us view the world through his eyes. However it’s his lyrics that steal the show for me. It’s poetry in motion with the euphonic timbre of his voice bringing this vision to life, allowing us to visualise every little detail he utters and form our own understanding of what he’s been witnessing on the streets of Hollywood. He removes the rose tinted glasses everyone often views Hollywood is and pulls back the curtain to show the grittier side of the city of dreams, the place where dreams come to die. It’s a truly breathtaking display that doesn’t just announce his talent to the world, but cements him as an artist who could become a generational talent.

Keeping his face hidden beneath an array of red tassels to hide his identity, Red Leather doesn’t require anything but his sound to leave you enamoured by the artistry he’s put on display. The emotional impact he delivers is on par with a punch from Mike Tyson, his lyrics are something a plethora of artists would fight for, his voice has the emotion of Lewis Capaldi with the class of Bob Dylan and his message is something that needs to be heard. Red Leather, an artist with that extra special something.