An exciting new artist I came across recently is Rehma! Majestically bringing together sounds of R&B, neo-soul, and electronic music her genre-bending style is fresh and inspiring. Rehma has been influenced by the likes of Michael Jackson and Whitney Houston while listening to Bollywood Disco and Psychedelic Rock growing up. This eclectic background of influence combined with strong feminine energy has resulted in truly ethereal compelling releases, such as her latest “Hypnotic”

“Hypnotic” definitely has a strong leaning towards electronic and r&b genres. Rehma’s vocals begin softly to match the glistening production, as the beat builds she transitions into a more commanding tone. There’s a nice duality between Rehma’s more gentle feminine side and an equally powerful female complex. The entire production between the song and music video was from a brilliant collective of femme creatives. 

The music video and single have the same energy as something you might hear from Kali Uchi’s. The visual is crisp, compelling, and authentic. It’s high quality and has a dreamlike essence to it. Rehma’s work has the same energy that Kali Uchis fosters, a strong feminine aura with often ethereal or illusive visuals. Their sounds are somewhat adjacent but this comparison is more rooted in the creative and conceptual ways the music presents it self.

Overall Rehma’s work is truly innovative, I haven’t heard a new sound like this in a while. I love the energy she brings and feminine focus that she puts into her work. Rehma has been releasing music for a few years now with many other exciting tracks in her catalouge. Be sure to stream “Hypnotic” and watch the music video for an even more transparent look into Rehma’s work!