Singer-songwriter, rapper, and recording artist Kaekingkally decided to reminisce about his teenage years in a stunning debut single titled “Partyin’ Was Fun.”

Before starting to create music himself, Kaekingkally was inspired by artists like Nas, Ice Cube, Jay Z, B.I.G, 2Pac, Easy E, Usher and Michael Jackson. All these various influences helped him find his own sound and subgenre, and “Partyin’ Was Fun” is a great display of his signature crossover style. 

Lyrically, Kaekingkally takes us back to the artist’s teenage years, when he used to attend house parties but didn’t get what he wanted from girls. What is refreshing about this debut single is that most listeners will be able to relate to his experience, and both men and women will find something to reminisce from their childhood when streaming it. 

In addition to being a skilled artist, Kaekingkally also masters the art of production, mixing, and mastering, giving him full freedom and decision-making power over the tracks he releases. 

We are extremely impatient to see what his next move will be, and will keep him on our radar for future projects. Meanwhile, stream “Partyin’ Was Fun” on repeat!