Going from being the next great Olympic Badminton hopeful to an alt-R&B musician who’s creative prospects blossomed like a wild flower during spring when his global TikTok fanbase fell head over heels for his sound, it’s safe to say Renao hasn’t had the most straightforward career journey. However this London based musician has proven that an unconventional path can often lead you exactly where you need to be. Inspired by American youth pop culture, ranging from adolescent tales about life defining road trips, wistful yet heartbreaking romances, house parties galore and bonfires on the beach, his debut single Nobody is the embodiment of these classic coming of age movies. If you played this alongside soundtracks like The Breakfast Club, Ferris Bueller’s Day Off, The Perks of Being A Wallflower or even The Fault in Our Stars you’d be convinced it was apart of the original. His authentic storytelling intertwines with the intimate guitar plucking pattern as his voice delivers a rousing performance, making you never want to leave the cinematic wonderland he’s created. Even the music video gives a subtle nod to his array of pop culture influences.

Renao has arrived to an army of fans singing his praises and it’s clear to see why. From artfully crafted melodies and introspective storytelling to his expressive vocal and lush soundscape, he’s got everything you need and more to create a spellbinding single.