British soulful rapper/singer RESPONS has been making waves in the UK this year with the artists candid storytelling mixed with his advocacy for mental health and messages of unity striking a chord with people across the nation. He isn’t afraid to say what is on his mind through his heart-on-sleeve storytelling, whether it be regarding mental health, empowering acts or introspective musings, which all makes sense considering his name is the embodiment of his musical mantra, “respond don’t react.” He’s a straight talking musician that speaks towards a new generation whilst embodying the storytelling of old.

Throughout Maisie you’re captivated by the trials and tribulations this girl he croons about has gone through with lyrics like, “Daddy told her she’s a mistake almost every single morning,” hitting you with the emotional weight of a freight train. His enthralling vocal draws you deeper into the story as you become attached to Maisie, wanting the best things in the world to happen to her as you soon find yourself supporting RESPONS as he tells her she is a one in a million and nothing will ever be able to change that. Emotionally invigorating, powerful storytelling and an intimate production that pulls at your heartstrings, what more could you ask for in a spellbinding track like this.

“I wrote the track after chatting to a girl I genuinely met one time called Maisie,” RESPONS begins to explain. “She was really troubled, and mentally struggling with stuff. It stuck with me. But for me, the song is just a big up to the women in my life – the women that I know that have gone through similar stuff. The whole message of the song is: You’re one in a million, and you’re gonna be alright”