Reuben Hester originally started his career with the band China Lane who would often busk around the streets of Manchester and quickly became the talk of the city, performing in front of huge crowds in their home city before Reuben Hester decided to carve out his own path as a solo artist. Hester has an undeniable talent with a raw vocal that is filled with an unrivalled passion that evokes a whole array of emotion that makes his passionate lyricisms come to life and when you combine that with his funk driven production you’ll find yourself dancing around without a care in the world whilst crying along to his storytelling. It’s a euphoric sadness that is rarely as mesmerising as this.

The 25 year old musician recently release his debut single Sold My Soul, a song he’d written in memory of his father, and it further cements this man as a firm one to watch in 2021. He has a knack for writing empowering numbers with lyrics that weave a heartfelt meaningful tale with an uplifting production that makes this feel like a chart topper in the making. This is more than just a debut, it’s a battle cry for anyone who’s experienced the heartbreak of losing someone that although we feel a heavy sadness inside ourselves now that they’re gone, we cannot give in to it. Powerful stuff.