Blending together indie pop with psychedelia is a musical cauldron of swirling emotions, Richie Quake’s sounds sits in-between Jon Bellion and what a modern day Woodstock would sound like. He’s a highly creative artist, effortlessly crafting a unique soundscape that signifies him as a constant risk taker. Never sticking to the safe and obvious route, he continuously blazes a trail that sees him go off into undiscovered territories and experiment in such ways that leave consistently in awe of his creative ingenuity. Today is no exception of this rule with the release of That’s Not Love!

Pulling at your heartstrings and playing them as if they were a guitar, Quake looks back at what he defined as love before realising that, as the title suggests, it wasn’t love. His poignant lyrical musings litter the soundscape, often leaving us contemplating our own past experiences of love gone awry, “you only ever call me when you’re drunk, but that’s not love.” His voice is filled with melancholia, melting into the laidback production, reminiscent of something you’d hear at an underground indie party, to form something that’s both irresistibly charming and heartbreaking at the same time. Yup, Richie Quake is ready to make seismic moves with music like this.

“That’s Not Love!” is about drowning in shallow emotions,” says Richie. “The idea that when you live a surface level life for enough time, you start to forget what real depth looks like and feels like. Being removed from love for so long, it becomes a blur from the past with no defining characteristics. I can’t tell if it’s orange or pink or red, but it’s certainly not green, that I can say for sure. I don’t know what love is anymore, but love is not constant numbness, it’s not getting high in your room alone, it’s not a downward spiral, and it’s not a drunk hook-up on a Friday night.”