Your new favourite track “favourite girl” is finally out now! Rio Rainz has been a bubbling name in the UK music space for a few years now. He’s maintained a relatively underground status curating a niche fan base in his pocket of the music scene. Bringing us a jazzy melodic hip-hop sound laced with beautiful vocals, and a range of flows he’s crafting a wonderfully authentic sound. This particular track “favourite girl” saw the spotlight on tiktok with his videos using the snippet amounting to thousands of views regularly. The full track is finally here so let’s jump in! 

This track is for fans of Bakar, A Boogie, and even Slowthai, Rio has stated in the past he’s been influenced by a few of these artists and I think it’s most evident in his production and vocal arrangements. There’s and evident hip-hop sound here but much more focused in melodic beats, dynamic instrumentals, and gentle flows. This tracks narrative brings the sound to life, it’s a dreamy piece about his “favourite girl” a kind of naive ride or die relationship. 

Rio is known to create music that’s very personal to him, the lyrics often giving us an inside perspective of how he’s feeling. Knowing this makes it an exciting little love song about young love and idealistic representations of scenarios we’re infatuated by. You can put this on your late night drive playlist, something to set the vibe with, or anything you listen to for a sonic escape. 

I’m really excited about the attention that’s been growing around this track. I’m hoping it’s many listeners door into the world that is Rio Rainz music. Delving deeper beyond this track there are a handful of exciting pieces in his catalog. Singles suchs as “Heartless”, “Damaged”, and “Nightmares” all bring a different type of energy introducing you to his truly impressive versatility. I have to say “favourite girl” is my favorite song yet but do listen to this one and more!