With debut singles these days its become more of a statement piece. It’s become the single where people expect big things, a grand chorus with a killer hook, big swooping vocals that enthral, emotional connections that become everlasting, an iconic music video, you get the gist. It’s rare we see someone take an opposite approach in the modern era, going for a more understated piece that captures the essence of the artist without them having to show all the cards in their hand.

All of this is probably why Roadrunner’s self titled debut single caught my eye. With a distinct vocal tone cutting through the spaced out production, this single is otherworldly but grounded within reality. There’s a level of striking candour that speaks to the listener, unleashing a cathartic wave of relief within them that lifts the weight of living off them for a few brief moments. He packs a guttural emotional punch without making his sound feel inauthentic, fake or as if he’s performing for our entertainment. He finds beauty in being honest and relatable with us, no matter what it might make us feel.

But amidst all this emotional turmoil is a message of hope, not despair. It’s an uplifting and inspiring ode to love, awakening, and overcoming doubt, taking listeners on an emotional and immersive journey that speaks to the soul. That is what Roadrunner is all about.