From day one we’ve been adamant supporters of the Los Angeles based musician Rocco. Ever since the Asian-American wunderkind dropped his single Clouds we’ve raised our banners in support as he continued to drop loved up, croon orientated pieces of indie pop. Since then he’s risen like phoenix, continuing to elevate his musicality with every release, and get his viral moment in the Summer of 2022 with spin you round. He’s always focused on getting better, not bigger which is why he keeps getting better after every track he drops, and today is no different.

Throwing down his defences, standing tall, and openly proclaiming the love he holds for his girlfriend, l-o-v-e is something that countless young lovers will be blasting out of their speakers outside the window of their partner’s house. It doesn’t have a grand production, no oscillating synths, fervent melodies or pulsating rhythms that send you into a frenzy. It’s kept quiet and simple, boiling down Rocco’s feelings to the core as he expresses his undying love for someone who’s help him through it all. After one listen you’ll be swooning, after two you’ll be falling head over heels, and by three you’ll be pinning a Rocco poster all over your bedroom wall.