Chicago MC, Ronnie Rage, is in a new bag yet again as he prepares for the release of his project [anti.vers]. His newest track “tiptoe/snotty nose” adds to Ronnie’s reputation as an unpredictable, innovative artist. Much as the R.A.G.E. moniker suggests, he continues to Rise Above Generic Expectations with each new release. Over the past years, Ronnie has begun carving a name for himself after showing star assurance during the previous year after appearing on Lyrical Lemonade, Swidlife, and other various platforms.

Ronnie’s newest single “tiptoe/snotty nose” experiments with a futuristic trap sound in this song, featuring laser-like effects taking the listener beyond the present. During the verse, he recalls a wild story from a time in West Hollywood and compares himself to the Proud Family’s Wizard Kelly and Bulls star DeMar DeRozan. Lyrics like “If you want to touch the stars, I can get you closer,” adds to the overall connotations of outer space and drug-fueled out-of-body experiences that the beat hints. Throughout the course of the track, it truly feels like you’re in the TRON universe. No matter what moment you punch in, this energy constantly follows.

If you are in need of a song to turn up to or require motivation, then this is the track for you, and I highly recommend you give Ronnie a follow for show updates before his price goes up.