20-year-old singer-songwriter from Nyack, New York ROSIE has already generated a lot of hype behind her emotionally earnest and honest sound that has drawn comparisons to the likes of Dodie and Maisie Peters, however there’s something different about her music that I find so compelling. Her lyrics don’t try to be overly complicated, she keeps it simple like a conversation so her intimate soundscape makes you feel like you’re talking to a close friend about a boy that has done them wrong as she elegantly pours her heart out to you. That’s what makes her sound so different to the usual singer songwriters out there, she invites you to witness her own experiences and feel as if you’re there with her, ready to comfort or celebrate at a moments notice.

Never The 1 is her best track to date as she wears her heart on her sleeve to deliver a soul-stirring anthem for anyone who’s ever been screwed over by a partner in their life. Her emotive lyrics like, “I could write ten songs about nine ways you fucked me over / Only took you eight days to forget seven months together,” capture the tenderness of the situation perfectly as well as the anger that comes from these situations whilst providing a personal catharsis for the artist. The tender piano melody allows her ethereal vocal to melt effortlessly into the soundscape to make that emotion the piece offers even more gut-wrenching.