If you look up theatrical in the dictionary then a picture of Ruby Duff should appear right next to it as the Leeds based newcomer has become well known in the British music scene for her over-the-top operatic vocal acrobatics and dramatic Kate Bush-esque soundscape. Her swirling cacophony of exuberant pop sound has been ever shifting since her debut where she’s managed to switch between calming lullabies that will make all modern worries wash off of your back to undeniably jubilant pieces that will have you smiling and dancing consistently. She’s a musical enigma who’s pop up book of surprises never ceases to intrigue me with her extravagant musical capabilities.

With all that being said I don’t think it’s any surprise really that her latest single Zoom is another page to add to the magical back catalogue she is creating. Speaking about the track Duff explains that it, “is about noticing what is around you. The people, your feelings, your thoughts and vision. When you begin to notice the small things and pay attention to both the ugly and beautiful… you could write a novel, a movie, or in my case a song.”

The best way to describe the track is that it’s like some took Judy Garland, Lana Del Rey and Sinead O’Connor and asked them to make a collaboration. It’s equal parts whimsical and thought provoking with the lyrics packing a majestic yet emotionally invigorating punch that is only heightened by the celestial ambiguity and mystery her mesmerising vocal offers us all. At 22 years old she already shows a natural songwriting ability unlike any other around right now and will long continue to grow as her sonic universe grows bigger and bigger.