Rvssian joins Zane Lowe on Apple Music 1 to discuss his new song ‘M&M’ featuring Lil Baby. He tells Apple Music about the origin of the song and how Lil Baby and Future ended up on the track, what makes Future special, what’s in store for 2022, and more.

Photo: Courtesy of Apple Music

Rvssian tells Apple Music about the origin of ‘M&M’ and How Lil Baby and Future ended up on the track

When I made the beat, I think it was pretty unique, because the synth was kind of like retro-ish, and I made it with the track, and I said, “Lil Baby, I think Lil Baby would kill it.” I reached out to him, he loved the beat. It’s recorded a few months back when it was more heavy on lockdown, and recorded at his house, and he FaceTimed me, let me hear it, and I thought it was fire. And then, I wanted to put somebody else on, so I reached out to Future, and he loved it, and he killed it.

Rvssian tells Apple Music what makes Future special

He definitely knows what to say to catch people’s ears. Some people call him a very talkative person, but I think that’s what makes his music unique and different. People just love it, especially with his melodies. For sure. I think that’s what he’s mastered over the years, really.

Rvssian tells Apple Music about tinkering in the studio

For me, coming up with songs and stuff, that to me is the hardest part, because I like to find the most unique stuff. I’d rather come up with five unique beats than 30 that sound normal.

Rvssian tells Apple Music about experiencing loss in 2021

It definitely was a rough year for me, because I lost my father. I lost my niece, who was like my little sister. I learned a lot this year about not taking loved ones or people for granted. I’ll admit that the music has been good, everything has been good. But yeah, it definitely taught me a lot.

Rvssian tells Apple Music his goals for 2022

I’m just trying to come kicking down doors, in terms of all genres. Because I do the trap, and I do the Latin music, the dancehall, everything. I’m definitely going to be dropping different styles of music. I just want to hit people from every angle.