Ever since Brockhampton achieved international success there’s been countless artist collectives coming out of the woodwork, trying to capture that same magic. Many faded once the fad had past, not staying around long enough to leave an impact. However, there’s one collective who’ve made me feel the same way as I did when I first heard Brockhampton all those years ago, and that’s S.A.M.N.X.

Not much is known about the collective, other than that they’re extremely talent bunch of individuals all playing their own part for the greater good of their ideology. This translates through to their musicality, comparing where they first started to where they are now you can see the impact they’ve had on one another. Pushing each person to excel past their limits and become a new age super group. Their latest drops are evident of this by EVERYBODY is on a whole different level.

It’s perfect imperfect, taking the DIY spirit of independent music and applying throughout their creative landscape to form a enthralling piece of music. They wax poetry on their own demons, issue with society, and people’s misconceptions on them, giving each artist a chance to speak their truth before coming together on a hook that serves as a turning point for them. This has the ability to strike a chord with their general audience through their candidness, opening up like a book to let whoever hears them to know they’re not along no matter what they’re going through. S.A.M.N.X have got that special something.