London’s music scene has been truly thriving so far in 2022 with a plethora of artists emerging from the boroughs with high quality melodies and enticing lyrics that you simply couldn’t get anywhere else in the world. Sahara Colourway is living proof of this with the young artist using his technicolour soundscape of vibrant electronics to produce a dream like world where our fantasies can run wild and free. Whilst many of us would often dream of things so grand we couldn’t achieve it in our lifetime, Sahara instead focuses on a more sentimental element. With the track Find My Place he envisions being closer to someone in a way that you never thought was possible and living in that world you’ve crafted for just a few brief moments, experiencing pure bliss as a result. With the subtle cues of his melancholia inducing vocal, the blend of strings and atmospheric electronics in the production and heart-wrenching lyrics, you’ll soon be reaching for the tissues to wipe away the waterfall of tears cascading down your face.

The Sahara might be barren but that is the complete opposite for this young man’s musical talent. Brimming with life and an earnest honesty that’s something to be admired, Sahara Colourway is ready to inject the world with his technicolour talent.