Sahtyre - 'Sqware'

Sahtyre reps Los Angeles. Sahtyre is a beast with bars. Sahtyre just dropped new music. All of these statements are true and you should check out his new single “Sqware“. This track is produced by a handful of musical mega-talents including Left Brain (Odd Future), duo Alonzo Fibonacci and their long-time collaborator Eddie Deuce.

When asked about the recent release, here’s what Sahtyre had to say: “Me and Dave (Solarrio of Alonzo Fibonacci) made a lot of records when he was out here from Germany. We flipped this sample the homie Eddie made, LB (Left Brain) put on some finishing touches and voila!”

Sahtyre is prepping his newest album, and if this is a sign of his creative output, we are in-store for some really interesting tunes. Stay up to date on all things Sahtyre related by visiting his website.

If you have been cruising around the Los Feliz / East Hollywood area, then you’ve probably seen the mural outside of the Classic Era LA storefront. It was created in collaboration with MSK & G Pen and promoted Sahtyre’s last album “The Roaring”. Big shout out to Adam Stanzak of DRASTIC for helping it come to fruition. Take a few minutes and watch how the whole art piece got created in the video below.

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