Following the path of Ubuntu, the second annual AFRICON brings together all gears of African excellence, from pop culture, music, and food, to innovation, activism, education and more. The conference will coincide with Africa Day, celebrating the diversity of the African Continent and the Diaspora through the works of entertainment, media, technology, and leadership. AFRICON will occur from May 25 thru May 28. A panel of exceptional leaders and talents are expected to share some words. These include Ukonwa Ojo, the Global Chief Marketing Officer for Amazon Prime and Amazon Studios, TJ Adeshola, the Head of Global Content Partnerships at Twitter, and Girmay Zahilay, a council member, June Freedom, and more. The AFRICON weekend will take place in Los Angeles, California. And yes, you can expect pitch competitions, galas, after-parties, and shopping Black businesses. Register to attend via this link.