Emerging artist Seraphina Simone has made a name for herself in 2020 by being able to effortlessly melt together old and new musical stylings together in a glorious fashion whilst simultaneously taking influence from her two homes, seedy glitz filled glamour of LA and grimy grit of London. She takes the scintillating synth melodies of the 80’s and mixes it with classic 60’s doo-wop before adding in her own signature sultry flair that allows her heartfelt and candid lyricisms to make an instant connection with all who listen.

She’s as open as a book as her music details the treacherous and confusing path that is your early twenties; the refracted glamour, the potential, the struggles and the downfalls. However O M D is her most personal piece to date as she explains, “O M D is more personal than the first two singles – it’s about loving someone struggling with depression, and how powerless you feel to help them. Like you’re a bystander in your own relationship, just watching them untether themselves further and further while you try and hold them and yourself and everything together, totally unsuccessfully. In this particular relationship, the more I tried to help the more I pushed him away, and then I ended up resenting him because it hurt.”

Her vocals ooze an undying love that she felt throughout this time in her life as well as translating the devastating pain she felt when the relationship hit it’s end. Her inconsolable lyrics bring this story to life where you feel like a fly on the wall watching the story unfold with her enchanting yet sorrowful vocals as your narrator and the somber production being the soundtrack. It’s a deeply personal piece that shows a new layer to her ever expanding soundscape and continues to show her off as one of the most exciting new talents to emerge from the depths of 2020.