I’ve often viewed music as a form of therapy. A place where anyone can release their worries, express themselves and allow all of their anxieties to disappear for a few brief moments, be it from writing a song or singing along to one. Shawn Mathews is very similar in that respects with the 22 year old often using his artistic voice to overcome his own insecurities and grow his own confidence as a result. He wants to help others this way too, allowing them to find solace within his words and find their happy place with him. His bop Sunshine was the embodiment of this and today he’s adding more to his musical ideology with his latest release.

MIC CHECK! is a raw single with a heavy bassline, explosive drums and contorting guitars bombastically strutting their stuff across the soundscape, letting you know that you’re in for one hell of a wild ride. His distorted vocal is filled with charisma, perfectly portraying the lyrics focusing on how he has the weight of the world on his shoulders like Atlas and his worries of his introvert nature taking hold of his life. He’s not brave, he’s not strong, he’s not bolder, but he’s not going to let these things take a hold of him forever as he tackles the issues head on to help himself get out of the rut he feels trapped within. Whatever issue you’re going through, if you’re down and need help getting out just blast this out and let the confidence transcend onto you.

“2021 had its ups and downs but the downs were honestly really tough on me. I’ve been struggling with depression heavy this last year and it’s held me back from a lot of things. This song is kind of just my way of expressing some of the feelings I tend to hold in. Music has always been so influential on my life and can always help me express what I feel whether it’s through my own music or through singing along to someone else’s. I hope that this song can be that for someone else who may feel the same.”