Shweta Harve, the founder, lead singer, and guitarist of the indie inspirational band HridayaSheela, has released their latest track, “Who Are You?” This song delves into themes of self-discovery and the search for lasting happiness, inspired by the philosophy of Advaita Vedanta. The blend of musical elements and deep lyrical content reflect Harve’s commitment to meaningful music.

In a recent interview with Pinch of Sol, Shweta discussed the inspiration behind “Who Are You?” She explained that the song came from contemplating the human quest for lasting happiness in a transient world. Influenced by Advaita Vedanta, the song encourages self-reflection and exploring one’s true essence beyond superficial labels and desires. Through its poignant questions, the song prompts listeners to look beyond external appearances and fleeting emotions.

“Who Are You?” has received significant acclaim, topping the World Indie Music Charts and ranking high on the Euro Indie Music Charts. Shweta expressed her delight at the song’s global resonance, noting that these accolades highlight its broad appeal and powerful message. The success of this song motivates HridayaSheela to continue pushing the boundaries of inspirational music.

The creation of “Who Are You?” was a collaborative effort across four countries: the US, Italy, Ukraine, and India. Italian composer Dario Cei meticulously crafted the song’s layered composition, while Serhii Cohen, the audio mixing and mastering engineer from Ukraine, mixed the song amidst the turmoil of war. Shweta shared the unique experience of recording some vocal parts from her closet, showcasing the dedication and resilience of the team.

Shweta also discussed her musical influences, citing legendary bands and artists such as Scorpions, U2, Pink Floyd, and Coldplay. These influences inspire HridayaSheela to create music that resonates deeply with listeners, carrying forward a legacy of impactful lyrics and memorable melodies.

Despite challenges such as industry competition and navigating the complexities of digital platforms, Shweta Harve remains committed to producing meaningful music. She emphasized the importance of responsible music-making, aiming to connect with people, influence emotions, and positively impact lives. Future projects will continue to explore themes of personal and societal dynamics, blending introspection with the captivating qualities of rock, pop, and folk genres.

The music video for “Who Are You?” complements the song’s themes with captivating imagery, offering a cinematic view of society, people, and emotions. Directed by poet-songwriter Jay Krishnan and his team at Applied Wonder, the video enhances the song’s message, making it a compelling visual and auditory experience. As Shweta and HridayaSheela continue their musical journey, they promise to deliver impactful music that pushes the boundaries of inspirational expression.