The initial concept for “Hungry” was simple: invite half a dozen up and coming emcees to record songs over Ro Data production, put the EP on cassette, and bundle them with the new issue of LTD ED. However, we then had the idea to have Ro strictly sample records with food-based titles to reinforce the theme. So, for example, he used a loop from the Leon Haywood track “Cornbread & Buttermilk” to create one of the beats. We also asked the rappers to give their joints food-based titles to really hammer home the concept.

As “Hungry” started to take shape, our excitement grew and we decided to expand the scope of the project by producing an Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe type of comic to put a spotlight on each artist. If you’re not familiar with the aforementioned line of comics, they are a comprehensive guide to Marvel’s characters. We commissioned illustrator Milad Taleghani to render Ro and the emcees as anti-heroes and supervillains for our “Official Handbook of Hungry” comic.

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