The Sydney based band Sketch Jets have undergone a massive transformation sonically over the past few years. From their debut to now, they’ve continually evolved their sound to match the landscapes of the world surrounding them and their latest single is their most significant milestone to date. One listen to Empty World and the nostalgia ladened indie rock production will transport you back to your youth with the wistful abandonment the track creates mixing with introspective lyrics they offer. The lushly toned melodic guitar riffs are a big highlight with them providing a smooth backing for their airy vocals to fly across like a majestic swan across a lake.

If you’re into coming of age movie soundtracks then you need to hop onto these guys as they truly make you feel like the main character in your own Greta Gerwig directed A24 film. This is just a small taste of what they’re capable of doing and we’ll undoubtably be greet by more sensational music as the year goes on.