If you’re into the thriving underground hyperpop scene, but are also a sucker for Owl City’s iconic single Fireflies then don’t worry slanted and yoku have you covered. The two burgeoning musicians/producers both have a halcyon aura surrounding their music. A mixture between ethereal soundscapes you’d hear in a mythical forest through an electronically warped lens, and the industrial beats that hit you with the emotional power of a freight train once they arrive. You feel at ease but the harsh realities are ever present, allowing you to be as open with your emotions as they in song.

Their collaboration butterflies is a beguiling single with a divine production. Opening with rustic instrumentals and electronically warped synths melting together, you get a soundscape that feels otherworldly before the first note has even been sung. Bombastic beats enter the fray as distorted vocals belt out their angst, contrasting the sonic world that’s been built up and making the emotion pack the impact of a Mike Tyson punch as a result. It doesn’t outstay its welcome either, clocking in at just under 2 minutes butterflies leaves as quickly as it arrived, but not without leaving an everlasting impact on your with the majesty it displays.