Everyone has gone through the five stages of grief at some point in their life. Experiencing denial, anger, bargaining, depression, and eventually acceptance is your minds way of attempting to process the reworking of our reality to protect ourselves whilst we adapt. There’s been a plethora of tracks written about these stages and sparse projects too, but today we’ll be focusing in on the anger. The frustration that comes from realising your life has altered in a dramatic way that’ll leave you wanting to scream the house down, is perfect for songwriting. You unleash your pent up aggression into a fervent number that sizzles and pops like bacon in a frying pan. SMBA has done just that with LUCAS LEX and WASTEDJU in the multifaceted single XO.

The genre bending track blurs the lines between alternative, hip hop and hyperpop, forming a rocket powered sonic experience that’ll make you want to do a Wilhelm Scream wherever you go. Deep-seated pain oozes from the vocals, filling every pore of the track with anguish reflected by the passional electric energy. With a Krakatoa like explosion the bombastic synths mirror the vocals energy, colliding together in an animated display that’s akin to seeing Tom & Jerry got at it with one another. Blast this out of your car speakers for an explosive journey.