Welcome to the mind of SmoovLee, a place where his unfiltered thoughts are all wrapped together to form introspective musings that pack an almighty punch, leaving an everlasting impact that will have you coming back to his music time and time again. Having only dropped his debut single a couple months ago, the artist has already built a a cult like fanbase of music lovers who’re fiercely loyal and launch themselves into a frenzy each time he drops a track. The high calibre of his music certainly warrants this love with countless elements giving his tracks high replay value. Booming electronics, emotionally intuitive lyrics, enticing melodies I find myself humming on repeat, warped vocal riffs, all of which collectively unite for create his alluring sound.

F.T.B.I.L is the latest edition to his ever growing discography and it’s another jewel to add to his collection. If you’ve gone through a toxic relationship or have an ex that gets on your nerves in the worst ways possible, then this is one you’re gonna want to blast out of your car during rush and belt out word for word. A vibe filled production, a hook that you can see crowds singing at any show he does, a chorus of melancholy synths and a slick visual to tie it all together, SmoovLee is moving smoothly up in the music world.