SoloSam does not disappoint us with highly anticipated single ‘Calabasas’, his first release of 2022.

Hailing from Chicago, hip-hop artist SoloSam has teamed up with fellow Chicago MC MFnMeloto create one of favorite recent finds. I constantly find myself on the search for new lyrical driven hip-hop music and I believe we’ve found one of the most underrated songwriters in the industry with SoloSam.

The self-produced track features some perfectly placed dazed synths and captivating melodies and rhythms. Sam shares insights on the sacrifices and roadblocks almost all ascending artists face on their journey in the creative industry.

When speaking on the trackSam had this to share with us “Calabasas is a figurative place of wealth, success, and that part of music that so many artists reach for. When you dream about it, you don’t know that in that journey you’re going to lose friends along the way, and you’re going to question yourself.”

Following the release of ‘Calabasas’ fans have a lot to look forward to in the near future for SoloSam. Sam shared that this year will bring many new opportunities and adventures, including opening up for BLK ODYSSY on August27th in Chicago at the Sleeping Village. Following that be on the look for some exciting collaborations with other artists as well as his very own SoHo House sponsored cooking show. But in the meantime be sure to take the time to check out ‘Calabasas’ on all streaming platforms.