Name: Mary J Blige
Representing: Yonkers, New York
Genre: R&B, Hip-Hop Soul
For fans of: K Michelle, Keyshia Cole
Single from: Good Morning Gorgeous
Produced by: ​HER, D’Mile
Song of the Day: December 5, 2021
Label(s): Mary Jane Productions, Inc

The Queen of Hip-Hop Soul has aged like fine wine.

Legendary American singer-songwriter and actress Mary J Blige empties the whole clip on us with her new music video for ‘Good Morning Gorgeous’. As beautiful as they come with skin kissed by the sun, the Yonkers-bred iconic bombshell sings about the reality of depression, self-realisation, loving yourself in all parts of your day, understanding your worth, and craving peace. Known for her successful brand of heartfelt, revealing classic records, Mary J Blige emits the grievous pain of battling her mental health and tries to fight through the ill thoughts by telling herself she is gorgeous, perfect the way she is, and not yearning to be someone else.

If you’re thinking to yourselves, how can someone as alluring as Mary J Blige sing such a song, I’ll tell you why? Regardless of how successful someone becomes, they may have inner conflicts, popular in literature as man vs self. Has your self-esteem ever fallen into a figurative bottomless pit? Do you find yourself second-guessing who you are and your existence? If the answer is no, we celebrate you, but millions of us struggle with self-morale for the greater part of our days.

Photo: Spotify

The truth

For instance, it’s not like you don’t know you are a “bad bitch”. You do, but there are those split seconds in your day when you’re triggered. Then, as a result, you probably remember an occurrence with an abusive spouse or a violent parent.

Unfortunately, those thoughts never go away. You live with them until you die. It’s like you aren’t supposed to have feelings or emotions because you’re appealing and desired. On the contrary, if you’re attractive or good-looking, you may suffer in silence because others cannot fathom how “pretty privilege” doesn’t remedy everything. I could go on for years about this topic, but I won’t. Now, you can watch the Eif Rivera-directed video below to see the Queen of Hip-Hop Soul in all of her glory.