Elin Wolf is a beautiful singer-songwriter based in Los Angeles who just released her latest single, “Nighttrain To Yosemite.” The Swedish artist’s voice has been described as being a mix between Lady Gaga and Enya, an unpredictable blend that produces something hardly describable. Everything about Elin Wolf is appealing; from her unique 60’s and 70’s influences to her epic vocal performance that layer with a rare chemistry over the incredibly powerful instrumentals. 

“Nighttrain To Yosemite” was inspired by one her trip to Yosemite on which she experienced a life-changing experience in a spiritual way.” In love with nature and the wild, Elin has been restlessly bringing her unique experiences to her music, giving it a depth and power few artists can claim to demonstrate in such a moving way. If you love great music and intuitive emotions, make sure to listen to “Nighttrain To Yosemite” below: