The Swedish duo SoSo fauX have described their music as nostalgia euphoria and it’s an incredibly accurate statement. The dynamic pair take early 90’s guitar melodies and riff before adding the intoxicating pop sensibilities that made the 80’s pop sound so iconic to put you in a state of pure blissful jubilance as their addictive music plays on. Their sound is what I envision when anyone reminisces about the ‘good ol’ days’ as their sound transports you back to a simpler time where the joys that came were momentary but created a lifetime of memories to remember.

Their innovative indie creations continue to shine today in yours 2 keep (if you don’t want me) that contains an infectious chorus that will have you singing and dancing along in a matter of seconds before the nostalgia ladened melodies take over and have you thinking back to the glorious past you experienced. The hook, “smile for me baby,” is the perfect example of what is so great about their music, they help bring an unadulterated amount of happiness to people with their music. Their sound is something that can pick you up from your down days and fill you up with unbridled joy with just a simple guitar riff.